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October 23 2016

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plates manufacturing process
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October 05 2016

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death by shakespeare
(included in the pie chart but not labeled: drowned; broken heart)
via Shakespeare's 74 death scenes in a single play more gory than Game of Thrones | The Telegraph
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September 22 2016

Global Terrorism Index 2015

For those who want to actively inform themselves on terrorism instead of believing prejudice and media hypes.
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September 05 2016

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August 21 2016

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August 06 2016

August 03 2016

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August 02 2016

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July 31 2016

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July 11 2016

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June 17 2016

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June 12 2016

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June 09 2016

Amazon rain forest vs Amazon.com
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June 07 2016

Over Time by Jonathan Zawada
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